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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

This guide provides resources on Latin America and the Caribbean to help you with your research.


Essay 1: Indian and African Labor in Colonial Latin America

The second unit of the class focuses on Indian and African labor in colonial Latin America mainly through the geography of Brazil and the Atlantic. The readings and lectures provide a broad context for the unit and for this essay.

We have analyzed, discussed, and written about a few primary sources in class thus far. For this essay, you are to find two primary sources on Indian and/or African labor in colonial Latin America. From there, you should analyze the sources and put them into conversation with at least one of the readings we have done up to this point. The idea behind the assignment is to 1) do a little bit of research for primary sources; 2) to analyze the sources; 3) to relate the sources to the readings; and 4) to prove/argue something about the source. You should tell the reader a little about the source, but the main thing is for you to analyze and argue something about the sources. Think about how Patricia Seed or Irene Silverblatt or any of the other authors we read in class use sources as an inspiration.

Essay format:

  • Four to five pages;
  • Garamond font, size 12;
  • One-inch margins on all sides
  • Page numbers included
  • Citations in Chicago Manual of Style format

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