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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

This guide provides resources on Latin America and the Caribbean to help you with your research.

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Research papers are a minimum of twelve (12) pages of typed, double-spaced text, i.e. not including citations, bibliography, title pages, photos, etc. 

Research papers must be based on a blend of primary and secondary sources.  Each research paper must include the use of at least five separate primary sources and ten secondary sources.

Research papers must be well organized.  They should include an introduction with a clearly defined thesis statement, text that provides background and supporting evidence for your thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes your findings.

Research papers are significantly graded on content, i.e. the substance of your paper, but the quality of writing will be graded closely as well.  Therefore, incorrect spelling, poor grammar, vague/awkward statements, poor sentence structure, lack of topic sentences, etc. will influence your grade on this assignment.  The usual rule of thumb is 75 percent content/25 percent writing.

Use standard fonts, 10-12 (this is 12), and margins (1.0-1.5 inches).  Failure to do so will result in a lower grade.

The papers must be correctly cited using the methods from the most current edition of The Chicago Manuel of Style

Papers are due no later than the class meeting of Tuesday, November 25.


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