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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are educational materials that are free and openly available to use, either through the public domain or licensed in a manner that allows for free and continuous permission to engage in the 5R permissions.

The 5R permissions of OER present a powerful opportunity to enhance student learning by allowing for the freedom to craft an engaging and adaptable curriculum, directly addressing student needs.

5R image by Hayoung Park via, CCO

While OER reduce the financial burden on students, their value goes beyond cost-effectiveness. A key advantage of OER lies in their inherent openness, the 5R permissions facilitates the adaptation of existing materials to address specific pedagogical requirements. Furthermore, it enables the dissemination of these adapted resources, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Why OER?

The results from the 2022 Textbook and Instructional Materials Survey indicates that the high cost of textbooks continues to negatively impact students' academic progress. Of the 13,800 Florida college students surveyed:

53% Did not purchase a required textbook.
44% Took fewer courses.
38% Did not register for a specific course.
24% Dropped a course.

Only 24% reported that financial aid covered all of their textbooks. 

OER significantly reduces the financial burden on students, making education more accessible. Aside from the financial benefits for students, the shift towards OER allows instructors to:

  • Adapt: Open textbooks and other OER can be adapted to align with your teaching style and specific learning objectives for the course.

  • Access: Avoid issues with students not being able to immediately access their textbook by having it available on day 1 of the course (or earlier).

  • Integrate: The flexibility of OER allows for the seamless integration of multimedia components, interactive activities, and other engaging resources to deepen student understanding.

  • Be Cutting-Edge: The open nature of OER allows you to incorporate the latest research and adapt materials as knowledge in your field progresses.