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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

This guide provides resources on Latin America and the Caribbean to help you with your research.


ASSIGNMENT – Latino/a and Latin American Stereotypes in Hollywood Films

Students will research how Latin America has been depicted by the North American film industry. Students will carefully examine the ways in which at least two films have represented Latin America and its peoples through the visual medium of film. What have been the exaggerated representations? Why are these not accurate representations of Latin American realities? What are the forces behind the stereotypical portrayals?

You can focus on particular themes (drugs, violence), negative stereotypes associated with people of Latin America or of Latin American origin in the U.S. (ie. the sexualization of Latina women, Latino men as violent or in menial jobs, Latin Americans as “hot blooded,” etc), or visual representations of the region (ie. shanty towns, underdeveloped, or inaccurate geography).

The films you choose to analyze may not be from Latin America or films we have viewed in class.

Essays should…

  • be well-written and carefully checked for grammar and spelling errors
  • make use of at least four (4) academic secondary sources (journal articles, books)
  • contain a well-articulated thesis statement
  • Thesis statement must be underlined
  • Thesis statements take a position; the paper proves that position
  • avoid sweeping generalizations and prove their point using evidence, reasoning, and concrete examples
  • late papers will penalized according to the syllabus

Length:            5 pages (minimum)


  • 12pt font, double spaced, typed.
  • Bibliography.
  • Cite sources using MLA or Chicago format.



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Suggested films available at Olin

Below are a list of suggested films available at the Olin Library you may want to view for your assignment.

Suggested films

Below are a list of suggested films you may want to view for your assignment.