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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

This guide provides resources on Latin America and the Caribbean to help you with your research.


Public Scholarship

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Overview: An annotated bibliography is a list of sources (books, articles, reports) with a summary of each source. For this assignment, you will put together an annotated bibliography that can function as a resource for those working within Rollins College to support immigrant students. The objective of this assignment is for you to become more familiar with issues of migration and higher education, and work on the skills of gathering and synthesizing scholarly data.

The topic of your annotated bibliography will be decided in collaboration with Rollins College staff, faculty, and students. It will seek to address the needs of specific student populations impacted by issues of borders, migration, and citizenship. This assignment will include a public dissemination component, through which you will start conversations about the topic of your annotated bibliography on campus. Examples of public dissemination include writing an Op-ed for the Sandspur, hosting a table at an event on campus, proposing a book for a campus book group, etc.

Guidelines & Components: You should use your library research skills to find scholarly data on your chosen topic. Find articles, books, book chapters, reports from reputable organizations, etc. Choose ten sources that most relate to your chosen topic.

The bibliography should have an abstract summarizing the topic of concern, ten citations  (following Chicago Style (Author-date) style), and a 1-2 paragraph summary of the source underneath each citation. Summaries should include information on the author and their credentials, 1-2 sentences on the focus of the work and how it was done, 1-2 sentences on the most relevant findings for the topic at hand, and 1-2 sentences on why this source may be of particular interest (see example).

***Annotated bibliographies are due on March 24***

**Reflections on the public dissemination component will be due no later than April 28 via canvas**

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