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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

This guide provides resources on Latin America and the Caribbean to help you with your research.


Group Presentation and Fact Sheet (25 pts)

On the day indicated on the syllabus and the sign-up sheet, each group will introduce their topic to the class in a 20-30 minute presentation.  Group members will present an overview of your topic and lead a discussion about it.   You may use video clips, music, or other media to enhance your presentation.  You should be sure to discuss all of the assigned readings.  However, you should also research your topic beyond the assigned readings and should present on this research.  You should use academic articles, newspaper articles, or other academic sources to complete your research and as the basis of your presentation.  Your presentation should be interactive and seek to engage the rest of the class in a discussion of the key ideas related to your topic.  Activities, discussion, etc. are encouraged.  You should prepare a Powerpoint presentation to help guide your presentation.  All group members must be present and participate in the presentation to receive credit for this assignment.  The presentation is worth 25 pts.

To enhance your presentation, each group must prepare a fact sheet about their topic to distribute to the class.  You want your reader to be able to use your fact sheet to learn everything they need to know to acquire a basic understanding of your assigned topic.  Your fact sheet is worth 5 points of the 25 points you can earn through your presentation.  For tips and sample fact sheets, check out: 

You must email me this fact sheet 24 hours before your presentation if you want us to make copies of it to distribute to the class.  If you do not do this, you are responsible for making 12 copies and distributing them to the class. 

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Citation Styles

Evaluate these sources

Each group will evaluate these sources and present their evaluation to the class.

Class Evaluation