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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

This guide provides resources on Latin America and the Caribbean to help you with your research.

Research Paper

Research papers are a minimum of twelve (12) pages of typed, double-spaced text, i.e. not including citations, bibliography, title pages, photos, etc. 

Research papers must be based on a blend of primary and secondary sources.  Each research paper must include in the final draft the use of at least five separate primary sources and a minimum of ten secondary sources.

They should include an introduction with a clearly defined thesis statement, text that provides background and supporting evidence for your thesis, and a conclusion that summarizes your findings.

The papers must be correctly cited using the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style


February 3 (Tuesday): Individual meeting/submission of “Research Paper Approval Form” deadline!

April 7 (Tuesday): Two-page outline due (the more specific, the better) and minimum bibliography due.

April 10 (Friday): Optional rough drafts turned in. Must meet all minimums.

April 21 (Tuesday): Research paper due

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