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HIS 375.1: Aspects of War: The Civil War and Reconstruction: Reference

What are these sources?

This page recommends sources likely to be of particular use for HIS 375.1: Aspects of War: The Civil War and Reconstruction. This is not a complete list; similar books might be found nearby under similar call numbers, or with a search in the online catalog.

These books will be found in several different places. The call numbers organize books by their subject matter, but aren't enough by themselves to tell you in what part of the library you'll find the item.

  • If there's no special description on this page, the book will be found in the general collection, located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Olin.
  • If the location says Reference, it will be found on the 2nd (main entrance) floor of Olin.
  • Online books can be read by following the links on this page.

General Reference

The following are just a few examples of the reference books available which might be particularly useful for HIS 346. Similar books might be found nearby under similar call numbers. They can be found on the second (main entry) floor of the library. Reference sources are a good place to get an overview of a topic in a few paragraphs or a few pages; lengthier treatments of particular topics can be found in the library's general collection using the online catalog.

Florida Reference Sources