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ART 110: 2D Foundations - Studio Art: Find Journals and Articles

This assignment guide will help students in the Studio Art "2D Foundations" class with their artist research paper.

LIBRARY RESEARCH PAPER (link to assignment)


  • At least 2 pages
  • Pick an artist from the Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art
  • Internet resources AND Olin Library resources (at least 2 articles from the library)
  • At least 1 image of the artist’s work with proper caption info
  • Final paper must have footnotes and bibliography in Chicago Style Citation
  • Draft of paper must go to the Writing Center
  • Research takes time! So, give yourself enough time to "get to know" your artist, their works, and their practice
  • Also, meet with your librarian early on, if you can’t find something on your artist initially. There are lost of resources beyond Olin Library that we can consult if needed. 

What are these sources?

In addition to books and exhibition catalogs you may want to find articlesreviews, or book chapters about the artist you choose to research. This page lists some databases that can help you.

And don't forget, InterLibrary Loan (ILL) can also get you digital copies of articles, reviews, or book chapters that we might not have in our own library's collection. You can login below or, if you've never used InterLibrary Loan, you can set up an account by clicking "First Time Users."

Find Anything...

 Advanced Search

This search box lets you search EVERYTHING the Olin Library has to offer!

[If you're interested in just articles, select the "Articles" tab at the top of the search results page.]

Find a Journal


This search box will help you find journal titles in your field of interest.

Here is a list of reputable and well-read art journals that you have access to through the Olin Library. Just type one of these titles into the Journal Search window and you can browse or search across one of these publications. 

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

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