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RCC 100: Economic Sleuths

Resources and in-class learning instructions for an introduction to economics.

Resources We're Using Today

In-Class Exercise: Using Economic Data to Research Careers

  1. Revisit the Occupational Outlook Handbook as we discussed earlier in class.
  2. Notice the broader "Occupation Groups" on the left-hand side of the Handbook home page.
  3. Team up with a partner, and research a career that requires at least a bachelor's degree from one of these Occupation Groups:
    1. Arts and Design
    2. Business and Financial
    3. Computer and Information Technology
    4. Education, Training, and Library
    5. Life, Physical, and Social Sciences
  4. Explore the following tabs in your career profile:
    1. Summary
    2. How to Become One
    3. Pay
    4. Job Outlook
  5. Share with the class: What do the economic data tell us about this career path?

Other Economics Resources