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Chemistry: Home

Departmental guide for Chemistry at Rollins

Electronic Book Collections in Olin Library


Welcome to the Chemistry research guide.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Library Resources Overview

The Library mission is to “empower the Rollins community through personalized, expert services, curated and diverse resources, and engaging, supportive environments”.

The library’s collection provides access to print, digital and archival materials. The materials are vital to the creation of new knowledge and creative work among faculty and students on our campus. The information resources and services provided by Olin Library give students the opportunity to explore a variety of perspectives across disciplines, contributing to their growth as global citizens and responsible leaders. The library space provides students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to engage with each other, or work individually. In Olin Library, members of the Rollins community engage in meaningful work, dialogue, and thoughtful reflection on their perspective of the world and their place in it. Librarians instruct students in accessing various information formats, evaluating the authority of resources, and navigating the digital world as they approach their research and other assignments and make efforts to live meaningful lives and pursue productive careers.  Olin Library faculty and staff members curate and maintain the collections in consultation with teaching faculty to ensure support for diverse disciplines and alignment with the curriculum.