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ART 110: 2D Foundations - Studio Art: Find Websites and Images

This assignment guide will help students in the Studio Art "2D Foundations" class with their artist research paper.



Make sure you are using online information resources that are Current, Relevant, Authoritative, and Accurate, and think about the author's Purpose before including it in your bibliography. See if they pass the CRAAP test

Finding Information About Your Artist Online

Social Media

If you are researching a contemporary artist, they likely have a curated website and social media presence. [Examples below.]

These are great places to START when investigating the background and practices of your artist. They often link to interviews, demo videos, or written works they've authored.

BUT in order to get a sense of the artist's impact and to understand how their work is interpreted and received, you MUST also remember to find sources that offer the perspectives of art critics and/or the larger (academic) art community.