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Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science (ABACS)

Resources to assist students of ABACS with information resources, journals, databases, and books.



Mendeley is a free piece of software you can use to:

  1. Save citations from Olin Library resources or the open Web;
  2. Organize citations;
  3. Format in-text citations and your References list in Microsoft Word;

It saves lots of time in the long run. To get started:

  1. Create an account: Mendeley requires a free account to get started. As you add citations to your library, Mendeley will recommend papers for you to read. Mendeley's suggestions get better the more citations you have.
  2. Mendeley Desktop: Download this software, so you can save citations to your computer. You can download either Windows or Mac versions. Mendeley Desktop is the main software you'll use to organize citations with.
  3. Web Importer: This is a plugin to your browser, so it can "translate" the information from the Web and save it Mendeley Desktop.
  4. Citation Plugin: This lets Mendeley talk to Microsoft Word, so you can add in-text citations and references into your paper. This way, you no longer have to type citations by hand.
  5. Mendeley Web: You can use Mendeley Web to see your citations online, as they sync to the cloud automatically. However, Mendeley Web is best when you're using a different computer than normal.

For questions about setting up or using Mendeley, consult their Help Guides, or contact Blake Robinson, Business Librarian, for assistance.

APA Style Help

APA (American Psychological Association) style is the most commonly used citation style in business, economics, social entrepreneurship, and related disciplines. However, please check with your instructor for their preferred citation style before using APA style in your own work. Below are some resources to get you started with APA style.

APA Manual

Available in print at the library.