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Government Resources for Entrepreneurs: Using Florida as a Case Study: Home

This guide includes all resources covered in this webinar on November 16, 2022, part of the Help! I'm an Accidental Government Information Librarian Webinar Series. It also includes useful resources outside the webinar's scope.


  • Learn about government sources for consumer, demographic, and market data for entrepreneurs.
  • Learn about agencies and programs where entrepreneurs can receive startup/techincal assistance.
  • Learn about common types of regulatory agencies that entrepreneurs may need to navigate for business registration.
  • Learn how to identify the unique government entrepreneurship ecosystem in your state, using Florida as an example.

Webinar Recording

What I Have Learned

  • Start local. If you can find a local or regional agency office, that's usually the way to go.
  • Be flexible with the term "agency." Many non-agency entities perform government-like functions in Florida, such as public-private partnership. This is a legacy of years of privatization ongoing since the 1990s,
  • States generally have all of these agencies in one form or another, such as an agency that registers corporations. However the exact makeup may differ from Florida. GODORT’s State Agency Databases Wiki is the central repository for this information.