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ICE 100: Digital Media Critical Practice: Find Books

Resources and help for students of Dawn Roe's ICE 100: Digital Media Critical Practice

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Here are a few pointers when using WorldCat:

1. WorldCat includes more than just books, so if you are interested in books only, limit your search to just books. 

2. To find exhibition catalogues for individual artists search for the word "exhibitions" as a subject and the name of the artist as a title or keyword.

3. You can use interlibrary loan to request the books you find in other libraries. BUT make sure there is enough time before the assignment is due for the book to be delivered to you via the Olin Library!

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The Assignment


You are expected to use library databases to search for academic journal articles on your artist as well as exhibition catalogs, monographs and other materials that offer substantive perspective on their works. Full-text academic journal articles are generally available electronically, but you will need to (and are expected to) use InterLibrary loan, a free service provided by Olin Library, to obtain published books on your artist as the selection at Olin Library is limited. Please engage in your research in a timely manner so that you have enough time to study all acquired materials in advance of each presentation and allow time for delivery of Interlibrary loan materials, which are 3-5 days for articles and 8-9 days for books. NOTE: It is expected that you will acquire and review a significant number of books and articles beyond the bare minimum requirements (below) in order to properly evaluate the relevance and quality of all materials as you determine which sources to ultimately use for your research.

Minimum source requirements are below:

• 1, BOOK - these can be monographs, exhibition catalogs, or artist compilations. The book should be entirely devoted to the work of the artist, and not an anthology. (If your particular artist does not have a book publication that covers their work and/or you have exhausted all options via InterLibrary loan, you may substitute an additional scholarly article or essay for this source requirement, along with a screenshot of the denied InterLibrary loan request.) NOTE: Remember to photograph the front cover and title page of the book(s) you decide to use in your research for your presentation.

• 1, ARTICLE OR ESSAY - from a scholarly source. The Library has many databases for you to search. Appropriate materials include substantive articles of more than 3 pages from academic journals or certain arts periodicals such as Afterimage, and E-Flux. You may not count readings covered in class as one of your resources.  

• 2, POPULAR PRESS ARTICLES - these are likely to be brief reviews, interviews, or articles from print sources like The New York Times or Art in America, or web-based journals such as Hyperallergic.

• 1, WEBSITE (preferably the artist’s own, or their gallery's).

Please note: As mentioned above, it is very likely that you will need to use InterLibrary loan to obtain certain sources, such as books. If you are uncertain as to whether a particular reference is acceptable or appropriate, consult with a reference Librarian. You might also refer to THIS link for help determining the relevance of your source.

-- Prof. Dawn Roe


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