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Generative AI in the Classroom

Understand and use generative artificial intelligence tools to the mutual advantage of you and your students.

Developing Your AI Policy

The following is part of the required statement on the Academic Honor Code. For the complete statement, see the collection of required statements on the Dean of Faculty SharePoint site.

Responsible Use of AI

Every assignment at Rollins is a unique rhetorical situation, and the expectations of your professors will vary from course to course, including their rules about the responsible use of AI writing programs and assistants. Unless your professor has approved the use of these programs for a specific assignment, presenting AI-generated work as your own is considered Unauthorized Collaboration and a violation of the Academic Honor Code.

Note: Professors may use this statement or alter it to fit the needs of their individual courses; however, every syllabus should include an AI statement. In addition, instructors are strongly encouraged to specify the expectations about the use of AI on individual assignments as well, similar to the guidance they provide about other forms of collaboration.

Creating Guidance for Students on Using AI in Your Assignments

"Creating Guidance for Students on Using AI in Your Assignments”: a helpful tool for creating your own green, yellow, and red indicators to clearly communicate your AI guidelines on an assignment (See sample in image below.)

Image of an example guide for students about whether or not they can use a.i. on a particular assignment. The green category for permitted uses of A.I. include idea generation, title suggestion, and outline creation. The yellow category of uses of a.i. that require permission include technical explanations, revision suggestions, proofreading, style and tone refinement, and all other uses. The red category of prohibited uses of a.i. includes draft writing.