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Researching Careers: Job & Career Websites

Start here for researching your career choices

Researching Careers

Finding Job Leads

If you are limiting your search to the local area, sometimes the best way to find advertisements is to go directly to a company's website and search their career listings.  You can find a list of the largest employers in Central Florida here.

Preparing for an Interview

If you are seeking a position in higher education, search for articles on the institutions you have in mind.  Or if you're looking for programs that are strong in your discipline, find out which institutions are active in this area.  You can find relevant news about departments and programs at various colleges and universities at Inside Higher Ed, or the Chronicle of Higher Education.

If you are interviewing with a large company like Disney or Darden, you can easily find articles published about their activities and initiatives. Search a database such as Business Source Complete for such articles.

If you are interviewing with a small company, they might not have generated articles in national or even local publications. In such a case, the best thing to do is research the industry so you can carry on an intelligent discussion about trends and issues relevant to the company.