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This course page contains several resources that are especially helpful for your class. For a more complete list of sources, please consult the main Business research guide by clicking on the blue tabs above, like "Companies" and "Industries."

Assignment: Team Project

In a team of 3-5 people (as decided in class), pick a publicly traded company to research (approval needed of choice) and present the below information:

Planning (Chapters 8 &9 )

              -History, Culture, Mission, Vision, Strategy


              -Industry analysis

              -External Environmental Factors

Organizing (Chapters 11 & 13)

              -Organizational chart, chain of command

              -What type of organizational structure? (Can be a combination)

Leading (Chapters 16 & 17)

              -CEO and top managers (bio)

              - Type of management style does the leader(s) have

Controlling (Chapter 18)

              -How do they measure goals?

              -Stock performance (Ups and downs related to news)

              -Discuss reports and how they share information (With employees, shareholders)

As always structure presentation with an opening, body, closing. Remember visuals capture an audience, as well as engaging methods. Also, utilize charts, graphs, etc. to explain topics. Present findings in an engaging manner, utilizing sources. 12-15 minutes.

Business casual attire.

Key Databases

Key Business News Publications