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Electric Cars

Today we are going to research electric cars using three research methods: statistical/industry research, company research, and stock research. When doing business research, it is helpful to use several different methods to ensure you get as much relevant information as you can.

Today We Are Using...

Group Work (Zoom Breakout Rooms)

  1. Open Statista
    1. Find the dossier "Electric vehicles in the United States."
    2. Download and open the PDF.
    3. For Q4 2020, which three car companies had the most market share in the US?
    4. What about Tesla's market share?
  2. Go to Tesla's Investor Relations home page.
    1. Go to the Q2 2021 report (Form 10-Q).
    2. How many vehicles has Tesla produced year-to-date?
    3. What was the net income (profit) for Q2 2021?
  3. Open Value Line.
    1. Find the entry for a major, publicly-traded car company (e.g., GM, Toyota).
    2. What is their financial strength rating from Value Line?
    3. What is yesterday's share price for this company?
    4. According to the most recent commentary, what steps is this company taking to be competitive?

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