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Electric Cars

Today we are going to research electric cars using three research methods: statistical research, industry research, and company research. When doing business research, it is helpful to use several different methods to ensure you get as much relevant information as you can.

Today We Are Using...

Group Work (Zoom Breakout Rooms)

  1. Group leader: last name closest to "A."
  2. Open Statista
    1. Find the dossier "Electric vehicles in the United States."
    2. Download and open the PDF.
    3. Find the projected electric vehicle fleet size by 2030 for Florida.
    4. OPTIONAL: How many Chevy Volt sales were there in 2019?
  3. Open IBISWorld
    1. Find the report "SUV & Light Truck Manufacturing in the US."
    2. Find out about COVID-19's effect on the industry.
    3. Find out industry revenue and profit.
    4. OPTIONAL: Identify the major companies in the industry.
  4. Go to Tesla's Investor Relations home page.
    1. Go to the 2020 form 10-Q.
    2. What company is partnering with Tesla at their Nevada Gigafactory?
    3. OPTIONAL: How much did automotive sales decline in Q2 2020 versus Q2 2019?
  5. Groups will summarize findings.

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