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Established by Joe Smith in 1951 to develop concrete products for residential and commercial construction, SMITHCONSTRUCTION has always been recognized as a fast-growing and innovative company with a specialization in building multi-level parking facilities, apartments and hotels. Due to the unique process employed in creating and transporting precast concrete, SMITHCONSTRUCTION’s market is somewhat limited (200-mile radius from site). There is a desire to diversify through entry into a different geographic market, specifically either Houston, Miami or Washington D.C.   There are factors impacting a decision on what market to enter including new commercial construction, unemployment rate, ease of permitting, labor (union?), design talent, traffic infrastructure and more. SMITHCONSTRUCTION is looking for an analysis and a recommendation.

Prof Robinson's Example: Houston

Your Example (Group Work): Miami

Today We Are Using...

Group Work (Zoom Breakout Rooms)

  1. Open IBISWorld.
    1. Find the report on apartment construction.
    2. Find out industry revenue and profit.
    3. Find percentage of relevant companies in Miami-Dade County.
    4. Find NAICS code for industry.
  2. Open Hoover's
    1. Use NAICS code lookup tool to find multifamily housing code.
      1. Note: May be slightly different from IBISWorld.
    2. Combine this code with "Miami," and then search.
    3. Pick a company, and share their estimated sales (if available).
  3. Open Access World News
    1. Go to the "More Search Options" screen.
    2. Do a search on apartment construction in 2020 in the Miami Herald.
    3. Read and make note of first article that comes up.
  4. Groups will then summarize findings.

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